Electra’s launch, marked by Boris Groys’s conference

How do conventional museums or the conventional display of art in museums relate to the Internet, within which art is produced and distributed? This was the central topic of the conference ‘Art in the Internet Age’, presented by Boris Groys at Central Tejo, on 17th March, 2018.

Boris Groys

Boris Groys

March 2018

The philosopher, art critic and media scholar was interviewed for the first issue of the magazine. Groys came to Lisbon at the invitation of the EDP Foundation for the launch of Electra magazine, an event attended by 300 guests.

According to Groys, today there are two media through which artistic production is distributed: the art market and the Internet. In the former, artists act as producers of images and objects, i.e. works of art. In the Internet, artists assume the role of ‘producers of content’. This scenario has brought on a ‘significant shift in art’s fate’, the philosopher pointed out, highlighting how important museums are in this new era.