Electra featured on RTP and the Comunidade Cultura e Arte website

Electra was featured on the Nada será como Dante [Nothing will ever be like Dante] programme on Portugal’s public broadcasting service Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP) and on the Comunidade Cultura e Arte website.

jose manuel dos santos

© Rui André Soares / CCA

Electra's director took part in RTP's literature programme, Nada será como Dante, which features short readings, reports and articles dedicated to the importance of the written word. In this episode, José Manuel dos Santos comments on the quote by historian Jules Michelet, ‘Each epoch dreams the one to follow,’ published in Electra’s first issue, whose theme was a reflection on our time, in which the phenomena, ideas and trends that shape and characterise it were addressed and debated.

An extensive interview with José Manuel dos Santos has been published on the Comunidade Cultura e Arte website, covering Electra magazine's subjects, articles, figures, images, audiences and editorial line.