Calling attention at the Arpad Szenes - Vieira da Silva Foundation

Around the central theme of issue 23 of Electra magazine, "Attention", the Arpad Szenes - Vieira da Silva Foundation (FASVS) is organising a talk in its auditorium next Thursday, 4 April, at 6pm.

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© Maria Helena Vieira da Silva / Fundação Arpad Szenes–Vieira da Silva, Lisbon

José Manuel dos Santos and António Guerreiro (director and editor of Electra) will take part in this event, which is free to attend, along with designer and programmer Sara Orsi, choreographer and researcher Sílvia Pinto Coelho*, and psychiatrist and anthropologist António Bracinha Vieira, who will each reflect on "attention" from their areas of knowledge, practices, processes, and creations. Also featuring in this conversation is Sandra Brás dos Santos, researcher, and coordinator of the FASVS Documentation Centre, who will speak about a set of drawings and letters produced by the painter Maria Helena Vieira da Silva in 1928 at the age of twenty during a study trip to Italy and to be revealed for the first time in Electra 23.

*ICNOVA researcher with CEEC-FCT contract